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Fish Store San FranciscoHave you tried every tropical fish store in San Francisco and keep coming up empty? Either they don’t have the equipment you need to maintain your tank or their livestock selection is lacking. Or maybe the staff can’t handle all your questions. Whatever your reason, if you find yourself searching “tropical fish near me” and you see Caesar’s Tropical Fish come up, you should come check us out. Located in Santa Rosa, the heart of beautiful Sonoma County, we’ve been in this business for over 35 years. That’s 35 years of helping fish hobbyists create the most beautiful and well-maintained aquarium tanks around!

Whenever you visit our shop, you’ll find a huge variety of fresh tropical fish and saltwater fish, invertebrates, plants, and even coral cuttings, all of which are constantly changing to make sure we’re providing both the best stock and the best quality of life for our animals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new tank-owner or you’ve been a hobbyist for years, we have everything you need to keep a beautiful tank in your home. We can even help design and maintain koi ponds for your outdoor space! We’re likely the best tropical fish store you’ll find outside of San Francisco, and we may offer something you can’t find anywhere else. Our regulars often visit weekly to see if they can get first dibs on a gorgeous new addition, so don’t hesitate to come early and often!

In addition to our animals, we also maintain a wide range of stock for building and maintaining tanks, from filtration and pH balance systems to decorations and stone. You’ll also find plenty of fish nutrition and necessary medicine to keep your tank healthy. Do you have questions? Our super knowledgeable staff has answers! Need help with tank maintenance? We offer that service, as well. For our customers who live in the Santa Rosa area, we even offer dry goods delivery to make your life easier. That’s why you’ll see our name whenever you look for “tropical fish near me.”

If you’re curious about when we restock or you have any general aquarium questions, please drop us a line at (707) 546-7456.

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