Tropical Fish Concord

Tropical Fish ConcordIf you are looking for the very best tropical fish near Concord, then Caesar’s Tropical Fish is right up your alley. We specialize in all things aquatic, from fish to food to filters.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of designing a tank is learning about and choosing from all the fish varieties available. The first step in choosing which tropical fish will inhabit your Concord home’s aquarium is browsing our store aquariums. See which fish and other creatures catch your fancy. Tropical fish appearance, color, and behavior patterns tend to attract new owners. Whether to set up a fresh water or salt water tank is a very important decision, and our fish store personnel will help you decide based on cost, options, and extent of upkeep required.

After you have some idea of what sort of habitat you want to create, our expert store personnel will help you select a tank size and accessories such as filters and lights if necessary. Finish out your tank design with plants, gravel, and fun accessories. You will leave the store with detailed care instructions and all the supplies (such as chemicals and food) to keep your new fish healthy and happy.

A major obstacle to aquarium ownership is the commitment to frequent aquarium cleaning. To encourage new fish hobbyists, Caesar’s offers aquarium cleaning services. Our rate is 65 dollars an hour in Santa Rosa, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Kenwood, Glen Ellen, and Windsor. A special rate of 80 dollars an hour is available to customers in Geyserville, Sonoma, Napa, Saint Helena, Cloverdale, Bodega, Hopland, Ukiah, and Redwood Valley. All other areas are subject to a rate of 90 dollars an hour. We do not charge travel time to our customers located within Sonoma County.

To get started creating your brand new world under the sea, come by our store at 1648 Piner Road in Santa Rosa today. We don’t just carry aquariums — we also carry a full range of pond supplies, if large pond fish such as koi are more what you are looking for. Whatever your dreams are, we will help make them a reality.