Tropical Fish Fairfield

Tropical Fish FairfieldIf you are looking to explore the wonderful world of tropical fish near Fairfield, you are just a short drive from a portal into the fascinating underwater world. Caesar’s Tropical Fish stocks anything you need to make amazing aquariums, from salt water and fresh water fish to tanks and accessories. We also have over 150 display tanks, containing a stunning variety of fish and everything needed to make a home for them. Our tank displays range from simple fresh water fish tanks to self-contained coral reef habitats. They teem with ocean life, including colorful and fascinating invertebrate creatures.

Aquatic plants are a vital part of most underwater habitats, but too often are overlooked when putting together a tank for the first time. It takes knowledge to know what plants will thrive in what environment and with what other organisms. With over thirty-five years in business, we have that knowledge. We also have a huge selection of underwater plants that the big box stores cannot beat. Our frequent shipments of aquatic plants guarantee that you will always find a large supply of healthy specimens to keep the tropical fish in your Fairfield home sheltered and thriving.

Our display aquariums will let you see firsthand how plants can enhance an underwater habitat for both the tank owner and the animals living within. When you are ready to put together a new tank or select plants for an existing one, our expert sales staff will help you make the best possible choices for your tank and your budget.

Come visit us at 1648 Piner Road in Santa Rosa to see our amazing supply of aquatic plants for yourself. If your fancy leans more toward an outdoor pond, we also carry a full range of pond supplies, including aquatic plants to enhance your outdoor pond and keep your fresh water fish healthy and thriving.