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Tropical Fish PetalumaTo find the brightest array of tropical fish for sale outside San Francisco, look no further than Caesar’s Tropical Fish. If you’re brand new to the world of aquariums or you’re a seasoned fish enthusiast, Caesar’s is easily your top choice for animals, supplies, tanks, equipment, and more. We even offer koi pond design, maintenance, and stock. When you run a search for “fish store near me,” it’s no wonder we come up. Located in beautiful Santa Rosa, we’ve been serving the Bay Area tropical fish market for more than 35 years.

There’s just no better place to find a variety of hundreds of saltwater fish and fresh water tropical fish, including difficult to find breeds. We stock the latest in fish hobbyist equipment and technology, from tank filtration to water pH balance, and our knowledgeable staff can help you plan the right tank for you. You’ll also find a fantastic range of aquarium plants to help you create and ideal environment for your animals, with fresh cuts coming in regularly. You can find lots of great tropical fish for sale in San Francisco, but if you live in the North Bay or are looking for a specific variety that you haven’t been able to find, Caesar’s could be the perfect fit. We’re only an hour north by car, surrounded by beautiful wine country and tons of great food. Make an afternoon of it!

Looking for the right “fish store near me” means finding a place where the staff knows their stuff and the stock is plentiful, and Caesar’s offers both. We offer plenty of guidance and maintenance services to make sure you’re doing the very best for your fish. Need dry goods home delivery? We handle that, too! We know you have a very busy schedule and that your hobbies are important to you, so we’re happy to go the extra mile to make it happen (currently serving Santa Rosa). Whether you’re looking for a tank or a pond, we’re here to help you stock it with the most beautiful tropical fish for sale in the San Francisco area.

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