Tropical Fish Novato

Tropical Fish NovatoIf you are an educator interested in showing your students the habitats of tropical fish near Novato, Caesar’s Tropical Fish welcomes you.  With advance notice, we can arrange for your class to view our over 150 aquariums.  Hundreds of area schoolchildren have already visited our store.  While we are a retail facility, serving the community by welcoming educators and students has been a point of pride for us throughout our 35 years of operation.

Your students can observe both salt water and fresh water habitats teeming with fish, invertebrates, and plants.  Feeding time is always especially popular with school children.  We even have tanks that recreate a coral reef environment, with exotic corals and colorful reef fish.  In the spring through the fall, our garden and pond design center outside is chock full of colorful koi fish and comets.

Aquariums can be an excellent permanent addition to any science classroom, elementary through high school. Maintaining the tanks builds responsibility and engagement, and observing the behavior and life cycle of fish and invertebrates is an ever changing biology lesson in living color. If you want to bring the experience of caring for and observing tropical fish and other underwater creatures to your Novato classroom, give us a call or come in to discuss your plans with one of our qualified staff members.  We can help you set up a tank that will be educational but not disruptive to your classroom.

We are centrally located at 1648 Piner Road in Santa Rosa.  As well as fish and everything you need to make a home for them, we also carry fish food, pond supplies, and everything else you might need to set up and maintain a fish tank or fish pond.