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Tropical Fish San FranciscoIf your children have become interested in tropical fish in or around San Francisco, make a trip to Caesar’s Tropical Fish your next family day out. With over 150 aquariums, we delight and fascinate both the young and old. While many children have enjoyed simply viewing our aquarium habitats and perhaps picked up a betta fish for their bedroom, a more elaborate fish tank can be a great pet ownership experience for the whole family.

Caring for any pet helps build responsibility in children, and pets are a valuable addition to any family. However, many rental units do not allow pets such as cats and dogs. Designing an underwater habitat and observing aquatic life over time is also extremely educational in a way that goes beyond the ownership of a furry pet. Installing an aquarium in your home is an excellent way to instill a lifetime of curiosity in the natural sciences.

We are happy to recommend aquarium sizes, configurations, and cabinets to best fit the tropical fish you desire into your San Francisco home. We will also work with your family to decide what level of maintenance is realistic given your children’s ages and the demands of your busy lifestyle. Sometimes, while the beautiful and diverse fish are enticing, a salt water tank is not the best aquarium to start with.

We are located an easy drive from the city at 1648 Piner Road in Santa Rosa. We have many tropical fish and salt water fish for sale. If you are interested in enhancing your outdoor space, we also have a pond and garden design center, which stocks everything from pond supplies to a large selection of koi fish and comets. We offer pond design and installation services as well.

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