Tropical Fish San Rafael

Tropical Fish San RafaelTo view the largest variety of tropical fish available near San Rafael, swim over to Caesar’s Tropical Fish.  We display and sell fish, aquatic plants, aquariums, aquarium supplies, and pond supplies. Whether you are a saltwater or a freshwater fancier, you will find our selection outstanding.

While an aquarium full of exotic tropical fish would be a fantastic addition to your San Rafael home, our pond and garden center will help you think outside the box.  After viewing our 150 indoor freshwater and saltwater aquariums, step outside and view our sample ponds, pond supplies, freshwater pond fish, and pond plants.  We guarantee that you will be inspired. Water features such as ponds add beauty and tranquility to your landscape.  Large ornamental fish such as koi are frequently depicted in artwork for a reason – they are absolutely stunning, with colors that change with motion, sunlight, and the seasons.

We carry fish for outside ponds, including fancy koi, shubunkin, and comets.  Our fish are guaranteed to be sold healthy and are available in a range of sizes and a rainbow of colors.  Koi fish are available for as little as 9 dollars per fish.  A glimmering school of fish can be yours at these affordable prices.  View our selection in our outdoor aquariums anytime. The only difficult part of making your selections will be not choosing everything.

We carry all the materials you need to build, run, and maintain your pond.  Just a small sample of the pond supplies we stock includes pond liners, structural stones, water circulators, fountains, filters, and cleaning supplies such as skimmers.  Our expert employees will help you design your dream koi pond from the bottom up.  We also offer installation and maintenance services for freshwater ponds.

Caesar’s Tropical Fish is conveniently located at 1648 Piner Road in Santa Rosa.  If you cannot make it in today, get started by viewing the pond project gallery on our website.  You will find projects to fit every landscape and budget.  We hope to add your stunning pond to our gallery soon.