Tropical Fish Vacaville

Tropical Fish VacavilleTo view a stunning selection of tropical fish close to Vacaville, pay Caesar’s Tropical Fish a visit.  View our display aquariums, with hundreds of exotic fish and tropical plants.  If you are looking to add a freshwater fish pond to your landscape, our selection of pond supplies cannot be beat.

While many of our pond customers are initially tempted by the tranquility of a water feature or the beauty of a shimmering school of koi, comets, or other outdoor pond fish, it is important not to neglect the value of freshwater pond plants.  Whether you are looking to build an outdoor fish pond from the ground up, or have just purchased a home with a pond already in place, our expert employees can help you select the perfect plants for your pond.

Aquatic plants are not only beautiful, but also essential to the healthy life of your pond.  From spring through the fall, Caesar’s Tropical Fish carries the best variety of pond plants you will find anywhere.  Plants regulate the temperature of your plant in hot weather, protect your valuable fish from predators, and add beauty.  Floating and flowering plants such as lilies are absolutely stunning.

Our pond and water garden center has endless designs for you to choose from.  We will help you develop your dream pond design and make it a reality.  We carry all the pond supplies you could possibly require to construct, enhance, and maintain your pond. When you are done outside, step inside and view the thousands of tropical fish in our indoor aquariums that can beautifully enhance your Vacaville home.

You can have your dream pond while we do all the work.  We provide full service pond installation services.  We will also clean and maintain your pond, so all you have to do is enjoy it. Our current rate is eighty dollars an hour for our Vacaville clients.  Stop by our store at 1648 Piner Road in Santa Rosa today.