Tropical Fish Walnut Creek

Tropical Fish Walnut CreekTo get inspired to make your tropical fish aquarium dreams a reality in your Walnut Creek home, come view the over 150 aquariums at Caesar’s Tropical Fish.  These tanks display our inventory of tropical fish, salt water fish, fresh water fish, invertebrates, corals, and plants.  Many are designed to incorporate the range of aquarium accessories that we carry.  With over 35 years in business, we have become skilled not just at fish and plant care and selection, but aquarium design as well.

While the living and functional parts of aquariums are essential, aquarium accessories add fun and whimsy to your tank at a minimal price and with no maintenance required.

Living plants are a great addition to any aquarium, enhancing both the appearance and health of a carefully planned tank, but do not overlook artificial plants.  These plants cannot die (a great benefit for the first-time tank owner), provide a habitat for fish and other animals, and are available in a fun range of wild colors.  The tropical fish in your Walnut Creek home can live and hide in purple or neon green plants, or even artificial coral.

Filters and aerators are a functional part of your aquarium, maintaining health.  However, why look at a plain hunk of white plastic when you can see a treasure chest or shell open and close, or an old-fashioned diver bob up and down?  We even carry items such as castles for your most royal of fish.  A rich habitat keeps your fish healthy, and accessories such as these enhance the environment for both fish and owner.

Come visit Caesar’s Tropical Fish at 1648 Piner Road in Santa Rosa.  We don’t just carry aquariums and aquarium supplies.  Our pond and garden center carries a full range of pond supplies. Unfortunately there are no divers or treasure chests sized for outdoor ponds, but our large supply of stunning pond fish, beautiful pond fish, and water features such as fountains should make up for that.